I shop therefore I am. 2014

Installation. CCA Sokol

The three-part work of Pavel Otdelnov ia a on the interdependence of the arts and the market. For yhe six months while doing shopping the artist was paying by a debit card with a reproduction of his work on it depicting the interior of the shopping center. On that card's account were transferred the money he got for his works. Under the terms of the bank, in order to get the maximum percentage, it was necessary to spend no less than 30 thousand rubles per month.  In the installation the author attempts to analyze his involvement into the cycle of production and consumption. Otdelnov is creating a closed system that represents reality of the world we live in, from which many of us try to escape, but often to no avail. Exposing the problem of consumption as the only way of self-realisation and affirmation of one's own individuality, that is left for the person today, the artist using multiple references to the art history of the twentieth century (including Joseph Koshut and Barbara Kruger) leaves open the question of the effectiveness of the art as an instrument for social critisism.

Anna Zhurba







Mall. 2013. oil on canvas 120x160. Private collection, St. Petersburg